Arbitration Court of Morocco and  ISPRAMED invite you to the international Conference:


The arbitrator’s selection : the key to an efficient proceeding

Casablanca, October 14, 2014

Hôtel  Royal Mansour Le Méridien, Avenue de l’Armée Royale,  27

9.00 am – 5.00 pm





Under the auspices of the Italian Embassy In Morocco

ISPRAMED -The Institute for the Promotion of Arbitration and Mediation in the Mediterranean- and the Arbitration Court of Morocco invite you to this important Conference to be held on the occasion of the Fifth Official Meeting of ISPRAMED’s Network of Mediterranean Arbitration Centres, aimed at elaborating common principles for the administration of arbitral procedures in the Area. ISPRAMED’s Network encompasses the following centres: the Centre for Arbitration Mediation and Conciliation of Algiers, the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration, the Arbitration Court of Morocco, the Milan Chamber of Arbitration, the Lebanese Arbitration Centre, the Tunis Mediation and Arbitration Centre and the Legal Department of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

The Conference focuses on the important issue of arbitrators’ selection. The international event aims at enhancing discussion and exchange of ideas on the recurring problematic questions related to the appointment of arbitrators.  The speakers will be invited to elaborate on different aspects of the parties’ choice of the arbitrator and to share their experience on the topic: e.g. independence, trust, efficiency of the procedure, qualifications, opportunity to participate in the appointment process, availability, etc.  Hence, at the end of the conference, the audience will surely have a more conscious and proactive approach towards the issue and will use it to better manage arbitration proceedings. The topic has been chosen as part of the working priorities of ISPRAMED’s Network as well as of its agenda: the Centres of the Network will take advantage of such discussion in view of comparing their practices and principles with respect to the selection of the arbitrators.

H.E. Amb. Roberto NATALI, Hon. Mustafa RAMID, Amb. Giovanni CASTELLANETA, Stefano AZZALI, Michelangelo CICOGNA, Jalal EL AHDAB, Muhieddine EL KAISSI, Mohamed EL MERNISSI, Amin HAJJI, Farid BEN BELKACEM, Charles JARROSSON, Philippe LEBOULANGER, Ergun OZSUNAY, Mohamed Abdel RAOUF, Chawki TABIB. 

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Ici le Programme_La Sélection de l’arbitre; la clé pour une procédure efficace (English version)et le Formulaire d’inscription_Casablanca, 14 octobre 2014                      

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