Milan, Palazzo Turati - Via Meravigli 9/bNovembre 19, 2019

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Third International Conference on Arbitration in Libya: new mechanisms to support investment in Libya”

   Grounds and Topics

The Conference, co-organised by LCICA – Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration and ISPRAMED and under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, is intended to be a moment of common thought about the current situation in Libya which has turned – during the last months – into an unavoidable crisis: of the economic, political and institutional spheres. It is useless to deny the tragic moment the country and its population are experiencing but, besides this, is still possible to watch this scenario from a different perspective.
A good behaviour could be looking at the future, starting to shape the idea of what the country will become, and which means are necessary to plan reconstruction activities. This positive and virtuous process can be started now, even with all the reasonable difficulties.
Given these premises, the conference wishes to reach the following goals:
1. To focus on the current Libyan geopolitical scenario, with an overview of the regional context and political trends;
2. To consider the relation between peace and economic development, analysing how such economic development could boost intra and extra non-violent relations, also through the means of case history (i.e. Rwanda);
3. To define the economic value of peace and how juridical as well as economical aspects could be key factors useful to support reforms and stability in fragile/post conflict countries and a stable condition of peace;
4. To describe the role played by foreign investments and Alternative Dispute Resolutions for the development of a sound market economy;
5. To envisage the steps to be done in order to promote both tools -foreign investments and ADR – in Libya as concrete means to improve population socio-economic conditions, political stabilisation and restoration of the rule of law.

Program 3rd Intl Conference on Arbitration in Libya

Participation will be free, upon registration at: www.ispramed2019.promoest.com
For more info: info@ispramed.com


On, Vice Ministro Emanuela Del Re

Opening Speech Amb. Paolo Sannella

Opening Speech Mr Abdulwahab Shagluf


BOSCO, Micheal


FATAH, Salah

Ouerfelli, Ahmed – Arabic

Ouerfelli, Ahmed (abstract in English)

SHAGLUF, Abdulwahab

SHARIHA, Albudery

  • CLOSING SPEECH by Ambassador Paolo Sannella


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