Projects 2009 – 2016


ISPRAMED participates at different levels into the following projects

Still ongoing:

Network of the Mediterranean Arbitration Centres” (which encompasses Milan Chamber of Arbitration; Arbitration Centre of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce; Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration; Tunis Arbitration and Mediation Centre; Centre for Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation of Algiers; Arbitration Court of Morocco)

Project on mediation for Italian – Turkish disputes ” ISPRAMED is working together with the Milan Chamber of Arbitration, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and the Turkish Consulate in Milan with the goal of offering a specific mediation service for Italian and Turkish enterprises

Past projects:

“Economic Cooperation and Integration between Lombardy region and region of Iraqi Kurdistan” ISPRAMED provided TA with regard to awareness raising concerning arbitration, organised and supervised training course for officers and professionnals

Technical Assistance on Institution Building for Implementation of RCOP in Turkey – EuropeAid/128613/D/SER/TR, ISPRAMED provided specific training on ADR for the settlement of disputes arising out of contracts for works and services

In-Formare: percorsi di co-sviluppo tra Italia e Marocco” (In-formare: co-development paths between Italy and Morocco”) in collaboration with Comitato di Coordinamento dei Servizi di Volontariato (COSV) and Promos, financed by the Municipality of Milan. Aim of the project is promoting social and economical development in the territory of origin of Moroccan  migrants through an educational and an informative support for entrepreneurship and investments

“From the idea to the enterprise: co-development between Lombardy and Tadla Azilal regions”, coordinated by Medinaterranea in collaboration with COSV, other partners of the project are: CRI-Centre Regionale des investissements de Tadla Azilal, the Ministry for the Moroccans Residing Abroad, IntEnt Morocco, Banque Populaire du Maroc, ISMU Foundation, Unione Artigiani of Monza and Brianza and Promos. The project promoted the social and economic development of Moroccan the Community  living in Lombardy and in their territory of origin consolidating the system of support for business creation in the region of Tadla Azilal and for investment in Lombardy

“Montenegro – Commercial Law Judicial Training Support” training project implemented by IDLO, ISPRAMED advised IDLO on legal experts selection (2016)