ISPRAMED participates at different stages into projects concerning the Euro-Mediterranean area. The contribution of the Institute is reflected mainly in the promotion, in the spread of knowledge and of use of ADR tools (Alternative Dispute Resolution) because we believe that a more efficient justice in terms of time and costs means a better access to justice in general and it promotes the development of positive relations between the two shores of the Mediterranean.

Projects 2009 – 2016

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With the aim of spreading ADR tools, ISPRAMED organizes training courses for officers of ADR centres, arbitrators, legal professionals and legal departments of local companies.

Training 2009 – 2016

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ISPRAMED participates in Italy and abroad, as a promoter or in partnership, in initiatives that will enable a deepening of ADR issues especially in relation to the Euro-Mediterranean region involving the most significant representatives of the international arbitration community, the political and economic institutions , the commercial and business confederations and professional associations.


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ISPRAMED promotes alternative justice among public and private institutions in Italy, Europe and in Mediterranean countries through advocacy and lobbying activities towards nongovernmental organizations, chambers of commerce, arbitral institutions, confederations of enterprises, agencies supporting internationalization, ministries, embassies, banks, European and international entities – UPM, Arab League, UN. Our main goal is encouraging policies for the spread of ADR culture in the Mediterranean.

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