The Dispute Resolution Board Forum – DRBF – organises the 15th DRBF Annual Conference, which will be held at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa on next May 22-23.

The DRBF Annual Conference will be divided into two different moments: the first day  (May 22) will host a full day conference made up of four sessions:

1 The European Experience
2 The Mediterranean Experience  
3 The DAB Adjudication: Deciding Disputes by Properly Balancing Contract and Governing Law
4 The Involvement of Financing Institutions

During the session dedicated to Mediterranean region Stefano Azzali will talk about the experience made by the Milan Chamber of Arbitration and by ISPRAMED in the Area.

Prof. Ugo Draetta will be the Guest of honour and Keynote speaker.

For the second day (May 23), two different programs of workshops are scheduled since the morning till the afternoon (please note that the workshops will be held at the Bristol Hotel). The two programs are intended to satisfy two different audiences  based on the experience level of the participants.

For more info about the conference and registration (mandatory for the workshops ), please, visit the website  of the Dispute Resolution Board Forum.