The Chamber of Arbitration of Milan  is organizing a cycle of three seminars focused on foreign arbitration systems called “Colloquia on International Arbitration”.

The first meeting is scheduled on Tuesday 18 February 2014 and it will take place at the venue of the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan, via Meravigli 9/b, Sala Ottagonale. The topic in discussion will be the arbitration system in Egypt through the perspective of the Egyptian Arbitration Centre CRCICA -Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration-.

Mr Mohamed Abdel Raouf, Director of CRCICA, will hold the seminar.

CRCICA is also one of the Centres involved in the project of  the Network of Mediterranean Arbitration Centres coordinated by ISPRAMED.

For any further information, please visit the website of the Chamber of Arbitration of Milan  and see the Program.